Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is, unfortunately, more often a case of ‘when’ than ‘if’. As hormones float around the body preparing for the new arrival, it’s almost a given that nausea and vomiting will occur somewhere in the term. Whilst it is not dangerous, it is unpleasant, but thankfully there are a number of natural remedies and behaviours that can minimise its damage.


Fatty, oily foods will make morning sickness worse; not just because the thought can induce sickness, but because the extra grease and fat in the system will upset an already very fragile tummy. Avoiding fried food, takeaways and fast food (no matter how good they taste!) will mitigate this problem.

It’s not just about avoiding food though. Foods rich in vitamin B6 are highly recommended, such as chicken, bananas and avocadoes. Vitamin supplements are not recommended without prior approval from a doctor.


Whilst certain smells can exacerbate morning sickness, there are certain scents and smells which have been shown to have a positive, calming effect. These include:

  • peppermint and spearmint
  • lime and lemon
  • orange and mandarin

The more ‘citrus’ based fruits are better at taking away morning sickness; however, it is down to personal preference and some smells can make the symptoms worse. Certain roots such as ginger have been known to prevent and cause morning sickness in equal measure.


It’s not scientifically proven, but a person’s mindset can alter the effects of morning sickness. For instance, someone who is naturally more highly strung can be more prone to stress, which can cause heatrburn, increased adrenalin and other symptoms of stress which can make nausea either worse, or turn into full on vomiting. Relaxation can in itself be a huge help; whether it is catching up on rest, listening to calming music or lighting some scented candles, whatever helps the relaxation can in turn help take the edge off of the morning sickness.

There’s no one proven cure for morning sickness; it’s the body adapting to hormone inbalances and this will never be the same for two people. Finding out the triggers for an individual’s sickness will unfortunately take time, but the above steps have been documented as having a largely positive effect for the eight out of ten pregnant women who suffer from it.