How to Style Your Bump

How to Style Your Bump

While choosing your own maternity style, whether you’re buying outfits in store or online or rummaging through your previously-pregnant girlfriends’ closets, it’s important that you know what you want in terms of comfort and fashion, to create the best wardrobe that will flatter your bump each trimester.

The First Trimester

Your goal: Concealing your pregnancy

Most women like to reveal their growing bump after the second trimester. In addition, most women don’t want to look like they’ve let themselves go during this stage of their pregnancy.

Your game plan

Steer clear of figure-hugging outfits. If you want to conceal the slight thickening of your midsection during your first trimester, your best bet would be to avoid clingy materials such as Lycra and go for flowing silhouettes that gracefully camouflage the extra pounds you’ve gained in the first few months.

Stick to elegant wrap shirts, swingy/flowy dresses, A-line skirts, soft knits and trapeze tops. These are options that will fall loosely over your growing belly without making you look pregnant or pudgy. Quit the clichéd mom-to-be outfits (nobody wants to welcome maternity wear so soon anyway) and pair your flowy tops with stretch jeans so that you look more pulled-together.

The key is to avoid baggy, tent-like outfits and add more grace, with tunics, for example, that fit your arms and shoulders, while concealing the added weight.

Another great tip for all trimesters is to throw in a lightweight scarf that will distract others from your growing bump.

The Second Trimester

Your goal: Flaunt that bump

That bump is definitely there so you don’t look like you’ve just had a large meal anymore. Your belly is an obvious sign of a baby being in there so this may be the most enjoyable stage for you – showing off your pregnancy. Your bump is now an accessory you can style the way you want but there are a few challenges you may face during the second trimester. One major challenge is to find outfits that aren’t the same maternity outfits that you see every day. You want something stylish and suitable for work.

Your game plan

Choose outfits that will accommodate your growth so you don’t have to keep purchasing new maternity wear. Pieces with detailing such as buttons, gathering on the sides, ruching and wraps work well for growing mothers as they’re easily adjustable. Moreover, they allow you to flaunt your bump beautifully.

The wrap dress is perfect for those who want to look comfortable and stylish. They flatter your curves and help you look pulled together for work too. Another item you should add to your wardrobe is a denim maternity boot-cut pair of jeans with a waistband made with a stretchy fabric. Go for a dark colors as they will compliment your bump.

The third trimester

Your goal: Feel more comfortable, yet stylish

This is the stage where you’ll feel large and this can be uncomfortable for most women. Anything with zippers, buttons and waistbands become a huge pain. Furthermore, you’re probably bored of your maternity outfits but don’t want to spend more on them either. Your goal here is to wear outfits that are chic yet comfortable and not splurge on more maternity outfits. Here’s how…

Your game plan

Empire-waist maxis are your friends. A flowy knit dress makes a great third trimester and post-partum fashion piece too. The best part is, they’re fuss-free – you just slip them on and you’re good to go. No tucking, zipping or buttoning needed. You can also wear your maternity leggings with a comfy knit tunic.

You probably want to add some oomph to your wardrobe. To do this, add accessories such as statement earrings, bold and funky scarves, chunky necklaces and super-chic gold or silver cuffs. Give your maternity wardrobe a boost with fashion pieces that you can wear post-pregnancy as well. Since this is the final stage of your pregnancy, you probably don’t want to spend more on clothing – so why not just get new shoes? Change up your footwear with kitten heels or ballet flats that aren’t only comfortable, but can add some serious panache to maternity wardrobe as well.